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Delhi University To Set Up Governing Bodies in 28 Colleges

The Delhi University administration has informed Delhi government that it will set up governing bodies in 28 colleges by this week. The Delhi government had earlier ordered a stop in funding citing an absence of such bodies.

Delhi University (DU) colleges expecting a cut in financial aid, ordered by Delhi government earlier this month, can heave a sigh of relief as DU administration has responded to Delhi government’s notice.

“Delhi government can expect us to form governing bodies in 28 fully and partially funded colleges by this week,” confirmed Devesh Sinha, Dean of colleges for Delhi University, bringing relief to colleges fearing shortage of funds to run the college.

“We have expedited the process of formulating governing bodies and communicated it to Delhi government as well,” Sinha told Mail Today.

Citing unchecked the breeding of corruption in the university in absence of governing bodies in the colleges, deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia tweeted the guideline on August 1.

“Have ordered Finance department to stop funding for Delhi government-funded 28 Delhi University colleges, as DU is not willing to form governing bodies for last 10 months,” Sisodia tweeted.

“I can not allow unchecked corruption and irregularities to be sustained on Delhi government funds in the name of education,” Sisodia tweeted, sending a wave of panic across DU colleges relying on the government for funds.

Talking to Mail Today, Atishi Marlena, education advisor to Sisodia said, “Delhi government is clear with the fact that public money should be utilised in a manner which is monitored. As a custodian of public money, we cannot allow it to be used for irregularities.”

This move is expected to bring relief to 28 colleges, including top colleges like Shaheed Bhagat Singh, who feared tumult on campus owing to shortage of funds to run their college.

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