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Daily telly updates: Naira upset about Kartik’s divorce party in YRKKH; Shivaay apologises to Anika in Ishqbaaz

In Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, misunderstandings increases between Kartik and Naira. Shivaay asks Anika for forgiveness in Ishqbaaz. In Bepannaah, Aditya is distraught on learning that Zoya’s marriage is about to be fixed with Arshad.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Devyani advises Swarna to not separate Naira and Kartik. She tells her that a mother’s victory lies in her kids’ happiness while her defeat in their misery. It’s up to her to decide what she wants to do, and tells her that this is the last time she is talking to her on this topic and leaves. Aashi suddenly gets excited and informs them that her mother is coming for Mansi and Anmol’s wedding. Meanwhile Kartik and Naira are about to dash but they stop in the nick of time but Kartik’s name gets stamped on Naira’s palm. Kartik asks her to rub it off and they both taunt each other and indirectly blame each other for their separation. Naira sees Aashi showing a K written with henna on Aashi’s finger and assumes it’s for Kartik and gets upset. Kirti comes to her and tells her that she got an admission in a college in Udaipur with the same subjects. Kartik and Aashi are at a night club, when their friends arrive and tell him that they’ve never attended a divorce party before. Naira who is there with Naksh and Kirti hears this and feels desolate, assuming that Kartik is hosting a divorce party. Before she could hear him clearing their doubts, she goes to join her brother and sister-in-law. Naira tells them that it’s time when she should leave other things behind and concentrate on herself. Kartik overhears this conversation and feels is hurt. Aashi introduces her boyfriend Karan to Kartik, who thanks him as he could meet Aashi because of him. Kartik recalls Naira’s words and starts drinking. He imagines Naira around and dances with random girls in the club. Naira sees this and gets upset. She is about to leave when she a couple of guys tease her but she handles them like a boss. Naksh and Kirti take Kartik home, where Swarna blames Naira for his condition. Next morning, Manish reprimands Kartik for attending his sister’s haldi in hung over state.


Anika serves dinner for Gauri and herself while Shivaay is still standing outside her house to apologise for his mistakes. They start having dinner while Gauri keeps reminding her that he is still standing there. She tells her that he will leave once he is hungry. Soon it starts raining but Shivaay doesn’t move from his place. Gauri tells her that he will get sick if he keeps standing that way in the rain. Anika meets him with and asks him not to trouble her and leave. She tells him that she has forgiven him but he tells her that he wants her to forgive her from her heart. Shivaay sit in his car after she begs him to leave. Next morning, Anika is surprised not see Shivaay in front of her window but is in for a shock when she sees him sitting in her porch looking very feeble. He again apologises and is about to fall when Omkara comes and holds him. Omkara asks Priyanks to bring Shivaay’s medicines from his car and informs Anika that because of being drenched in the rain, his heart condition has been triggered. Anika gets worried seeing Shivaay in this state. After he regains his conscious, she tells him that she has forgiven him from the bottom of her heart. He asks her to come with him to Oberoi House but she denies and tells him that he was right when he said that theirs was sham marriage and holds no meaning. He asks her to be his friend and she accepts his friendship. Om and Priyanka takes him home. Next day, Shivaay asks Khanna about Anika who tells her that she is suffering from cold. He prepares a herbal soup and sends medicines and a lot of other things to Anika. When he comes to know that she didn’t have the soup, he goes to her house to find out and tries to snoop in the house. He overhears their conversation and comes to know that it’s Anika’s birthday and plans to surprise her. Anika is surprised to see Shivaay at the temple.


Aditya is stunned to see Arshad at Zoya’s house. Wasim introduces him as Zoya’s client. Arshad greets Aditya and tells him that it was nice meeting him again. Zoya asks him about their first meeting to which Arshad points at the mark on his face and tells her that he’s the one who gave it to him. Wasim asks him how dare he hurt his guest but Arshad tells him that it was just a misunderstanding. Aditya asks Zoya to come aside as he wants to talk about something very important. Wasim is reluctant but when Arshad requests Wasim to give them 2 minutes as there is nothing more important than work, he given in. Zoya and Aditya go aside where Aditya hands her a file for her signature and asks about Arshad but she counter questions him for hitting Arshad and also asks him if he was drunk. While they are arguing, Wasim comes there and ask them to wrap up their conversation. Aditya leaves and soon Arshad also asks for their leave due to emergency in hospital. He offers to drop Zoya to her office so that they can chat on their way to work and get to know each other better. Aditya overhears this and doesn’t like it. While on their way to office, Zoya tells him that she has past but Arshad tells him that everyone has one but he believes in living in the moment. He promises her that if they get into a relationship he will fill her future with happiness. Arshad gets a call from hospital and asks Zoya if it’s okay if they take a ten minute detour before dropping her at Zosh. She tells him she is okay with it. At Zosh, Arjun is miffed with Noor for not telling them about Zoya’s prospective groom Arshad. She tells him that she didn’t know aboyut it otherwise she would’ve informed them. Aditya is distraught on learning that Zoya’s marriage is about to be fixed with Arshad. He realises that time is running out, so needs to confess his feelings to Zoya as soon as possible. Arshad brings Zoya to his hospital and asks her to wait for 5 minutes. Meanwhile Anjana, who is in the same hospital reprimands the doctor for calling her at home who tells her they are giving Sakshi extra dosage medicine, which can be fatal for her. Anjana tells him that she does not care. While Anjana is leaving Zoya drops her phone due to which they don’t come face-to-face but she sees her back and wonders what brought her to the hospital. On the other hands Sakshi removes her drip so that the medicines don’t leave her unconscious. Zoya goes looking for Arshad and sees him mingling with the kids in paediatric department. He drops her to Zosh. Aditya sees them talking and feels jealous. After he leaves, Aditya asks her how could she agree to marry Arshad just like. She asks him to calm down as she is not ready to get married right now. Aditya is elated to know her decision and hugs her. He asks her to talk to her father about her decision as it is better not to delay in such things. Aditya is feeding noodles to Zoya when Arshad barges.



News credit : Indiatoday

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