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Daily telly updates: Abhi holds Pragya’s hand at party in Kumkum Bhagya; Pooja tells Aditya to marry Zoya in Bepannaah

In Bepannaah, Aditya has realised that he’s in love with Zoya but can’t go ahead because of society. His dead wife Pooja, comes to the rescue as her ghost guides him to the correct path.

In Nazar, Mohona lays a daayan chakra for Ansh. In Kumkum Bhagya, Abhi and Pragya face many awkward moments at Disha and Purab’s anniversary party.


Aditya is in love with Zoya but can’t confess. He is sitting in company of Zoya, Arjun and Noor, when he excuses himself on the pretext of fixing his car tyre. When Zoya tries to stop him, he tells her to mind her own business. Aditya is made even more awkward when the staff of Zoya’s company ask the two to pose as bride and groom and exchange garlands as a demo of an upcoming event. As petals fall on both of them, Zoya smiles which makes Aditya dream about her. When he comes out of his dream, he realises that he has made things weird between them. He leaves in a jiffy. Aditya goes to the terrace and Arjun follows him. He confronts him saying there is no running away from truth. Aditya says he cannot as what he’s feeling is not right. Aditya says Zoya and he will never be alone in this relationship as their dead spouses will always be there. Arjun says he has fallen in love with Zoya and he should accept it. He says that he should stop Zoya before she leaves his life forever. He leaves and Aditya stares down from the high rise. Just when he is about to jump off the building, all of a sudden his dead wife Pooja’s ghost appears and stops him. She says that he should not give away his life and should enjoy what the god has to offer him. He says that she will always be his best friend, but his true love is Zoya and he shouldn’t let her go.


Piya goes to her father’s house to seek help on Guru Maa’s advice. She is not able to speak a word when she comes face to face with her dad, she just hands over the form for his signature. He signs the form but is indifferent to her. Two unknown men attack Rishi in the pool and Ansh starts to see vision of him drowning. His eyes get illuminated and he comes running towards to pool. He feels a sudden surge of power and grabs the men by his neck. He holds both men underwater while his friends try to stop him. Pia overhears that Ansh has picked up a fight, reaches the spot and taps at Ansh’s shoulder. Ansh sees visions of Mohona and drags Pia inside the pool. He becomes normal after that but Pia notices injury marks on her wrist which surprises her. Ansh and Pia back home are trying to make sense of the events of the day. Mohona is hellbent on drawing Ansh towards evil powers. Vedashree is wondering about this sudden change in Ansh. Mohona draws a daayan chakra again so that Ansh steps onto it. Ansh stops right before he could step on the chakra. Pia also reaches there at the same time. Pia’s father stops her from entering the daayan chakra and she will be startled to notice it. Her father asks her how she knew about it, and she said that she has heard it from people in Kanpur.

Kumkum Bhagya

King and Abhi once again come face to face in the party and begin to argue. Purab and Disha play the peacemaker. Alia stops Tanu as she’s leaving the party. Tanu says she is repenting calling Pragya to the party. Pragya is seen discussing with Dissha about Abhi’s behaviour and she tells her that’s because he got possessive. Abhi overhears Pragya saying that Abhi shouldn’t have disrespected Mr Singh, and is furious. Mitali announces a game for couples. Abhi and Pragya come face to face at one point and Abhi holds her hand much to her surprise.




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