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Clips of two top Bollywood actresses in intimate positions with men go viral on WhatsApp

Like a mirror, Bollywood too has two sides to it – while the shinier side is for everyone to see, the darker one often remains away from the public eye. And, it’s the stories from the latter world that make for the juiciest and scandalous blind items. We came across one such story in Mumbai Mirror on Tuesday.

It’s about two female A-listers who recently partied together in the Maximum city. The elder one hasn’t done a Bollywood film in a long time while the younger actress has been basking in the glory of her last release. The leading ladies do not actually belong to the same friends’ circle and hence it was surprising for many when the former decided to invite her to her private bash. It was seen as a beginning of a new chapter for the two supremely talented actresses.

However, the party didn’t turn out to be as ‘private’ as they had imagined it to be. The report revealed that the actresses became victims of a shocking cyberattack recently as two separate MMS videos of them in compromising positions with men started circulating on high-profile celebrity groups.

“Two of Bollywood’s top actresses became victims of a shocking cyberattack last evening when separate clips, purportedly of them, in compromising position with men whose identities remain concealed, started circulating among Bollywood folk. We hope that the two ladies will file complaints and that the police will swiftly and discreetly act against the vile perpetrators,” read the Mumbai Mirror blind.




News credit : DnaIndia

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