LeT and JeM

China May Ask Pakistan To Crack Down On LeT And JeM

China may ask Pakistan to crack down on LeT and JeM, named in the BRICS declaration, two experts said. “I think Pakistan will feel humiliated. It will feel cornered by the three guys — the US, China and India,” they add.

China is likely to ask Pakistan to crack down on two terror groups, LeT and JeM i.e. Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammad, named in the BRICS declaration, two experts associated with Chinese government think tanks told TOI on Monday.

“From the declaration, you can say there is a visible change in China’s stand on this matter,” said Hu Shishang, director of the Institute of South Asia and South East Asian Studies in Beijing.

“Of course, these are terrorist groups and must be listed (in the declaration). But there are more deadly terrorist groups like the one that killed two Chinese citizens in Pakistan recently. They should be listed as well,” Hu said.

Asked why there was a change in China’s approach to the issue, the Chinese foreign ministry issued a statement saying that the concerned organizations “are violent in nature” and have been “censured by the UN Security Council”. However, it did not mention Pakistan in the brief statement.

“BRICS countries show their concern to violent activities of these organizations. These organizations are all sanctioned by the UN Security Council and have a significant impact on Afghanistan issues,” the ministry said.

Hu expressed concern about possible reaction to the decision in Pakistan.

“I think Pakistan will feel humiliated. It will feel cornered by the three guys — the US, China and India,” he said, referring to US president Donald Trump’s recent statement accusing Pakistan of sheltering terrorists.

“At this rate, China will find it very difficult to carry forward its anti-terrorism cooperation with Pakistan,” he said.

China has repeatedly blocked India’s attempts to get the United Nations to censure Masood Azhar, the head of the Jaish-e-Mohammed terror network.

Hu also said China will seriously consider accepting India’s request for support in the UN on this issue. But thoguh BRICS condemned Jaish, it did not mention its head, Masood Azhar. There is a also the possibility that Beijing will make a distinction and refuse to get Azhar censured at the UN, Hu said.

Ma Jiali, professor at the influential Communist Party School, said China will be more open to India’s point of view on the issue.

“China will now be more open to India’s views on the issue. “In future, China will consider all factors. If China thinks India’s request is reasonable, China will support it at the UN,” he said.

BRICS declaration will be followed by some serious parleys between China and Pakistan on ways to tackle terrorists groups.

“After the latest development, China and Pakistan will discuss how to deal with the problem of terrorism in greater detail. They have discussed this issue earlier. But it’s not enough. Now, after this declaration, China and Pakistan will discuss how to define and label terrorists,” he said.

There have been problems about definition with some terrorists posing as religious leaders and the Pakistani government allowing them to get away with it. Beijing will now review this approach in defining terror groups.

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