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Chandra Prabha Wildlife Sanctuary is a Balanced Mix of Wildlife And Scenic Beauty

Chandra Prabha Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Chandauli district, about 70km from the historic city of Varanasi, and is one of those wildlife parks that’s a complete surprise package. Because not too many people know about it, its rather uncorrupted by tourism giving visitors a peaceful and fulfilling experience.

Infact, on your way here, as you leave the narrow, crowded alleys dotted with street food sellers in Varanasi, you suddenly find yourself in the middle of a broad scenic road with lush fields on both sides and the Vindhya Range of mountains in the backdrop. The leisurely, countryside charm bowls you over even before you are enter the wildlife sanctuary.

The sanctuary has many beautiful picnic spots, dense forests and scenic waterfalls, and used to be the habitat of Asiatic Lions once upon a time. Today it’s home to a great number of fauna including leopards, black buck, chital, sambhar, wild boar, wild cats and wild fox.

The balance between wildlife, adventure and nature is struck beautifully here: the waterfalls add great charm to the lush greenery all around, and the caves and mountains are ideal for those interested in some hiking.

Chandra Prabha was an erstwhile hunting preserve of the rulers of Benares, and was established in May 1957 with the aim of breeding Asiatic Lions. However, even though there are no lions left here today, travellers still like to visit the place to admire the waterfalls, seek tranquillity and to rejuvenate. The magnificent waterfalls of Rajdari and Devdari are a feast for the eyes and are the reason why travellers find themselves here ever so often.

Also, it’s a birder’s paradise; you must grab your binoculars before you head to this wildlife sanctuary because it’s home to about 150 species of birds. From darters, black storks, to woolly-necked storks, and falcons, you’d be delighted to see these colorful birds hovering over the sanctuary.

The flora here is equally enticing; thick, green foliage enveloping the sanctuary and the gurgling sounds from nearby streams make Chandra Prabha Wildlife Sanctuary an ideal place to unwind, alone or with family.

It’s pretty easy to reach here: When you land at the Varanasi airport, take a cab straight to the sanctuary. The Wildlife Sanctuary is great during monsoon because of the lush greenery all around. The months between October and March are also good for visiting here because the weather is extremely pleasant.

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