Chandigarh stalking case

Chandigarh Stalking Case: CCTV Footage Found Of Incident

In Chandigarh stalking case, a girl chased by BJP leader’s son on CCTV, say Cops. State police have rejected speculation that it is under pressure to engineer a cover-up for the BJP in the stalking case involving the party chief in Haryana Subhash Barala’s son.

CHANDIGARH: After initially claiming that they found little evidence from CCTV footage, Chandigarh DSP Satish Kumar told TOI late on Monday evening that the police have unearthed some evidence of the SUV with the two men chasing Varnika Kundu’s car+ on five CCTV cameras. He, however, refused to give further details.

The Chandigarh cops were facing a flak for allegedly diluting the charges in the stalking case as they did not add IPC Sections for kidnapping in the FIR.

Why should I hide? I am the survivor, not the accused, says Chandigarh braveheart Varnika

Sources in the police department said footage of CCTV cameras installed at five locations in Sector 26 were procured.

Cars of both the accused and the complainant were visible, but at a distance.

A senior official told TOI that the cops were trying to gather footage of cameras installed at private properties on the route specified by the woman for conclusive evidence.

UT SSP Eish Singhal said footage would be technically analysed by experts.

Refusing to divulge further details, the SSP also did not give any specific number of cameras installed on the route and how many of them were functional.

On the route of the incident, UT police’s three CCTVs were installed at Sector 2726 light point, Transport light point and Housing Board light point.
Each junction has four cameras, but reportedly half of them don’t work.

The woman had taken the internal road of Sectors 7 and 26, of which no CCTV footage is available.

 Now, police will rely on cameras installed by shopkeepers and residents.
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