Chameleons of rare species worth crores recovered from Malda station

Two chameleons of rare species were recovered from Malda railway station in West Bengal while they were being smuggled. Malda Railway Police Force arrested a man after seizing the chameleons.

The culprit reached the Malda station with the reptiles in a box from Assam. The Malda GRP conducted a search operation after being tipped and detained the accused. The chameleons were concealed in packed boxes.

The culprit was identified as Helarish Hasda (23), a resident of the area under Bamongola Police Station in the district of Malda. Thorough investigation is being done by the English Bazaar Police Station. The detainee will be presented in Malda District Court Friday.

It is alleged that the accused had planned to smuggle the reptiles to Bangladesh. The chameleons were handed over to the forest department. The assumed market worth of the reptiles is almost a crore of rupees. 36 per cent species of the chameleon are under the threat of extinction making them more valuable. The seized reptiles are assumed to be one of the rarest species of the chameleons.

The chameleons from the family of Chamaeleonidae under the reptilia kingdom are distinctive branch of lizards. The reptiles are found in a variety of colours and many of them possess an ability to change colour. They live in warm habitats ranging from rain forest to deserts. Varying species of the reptiles are found in places like Southern Europe, Africa, and Southern Asia including Sri Lanka. Some species of the lizards are bred in areas of Hawaii, California and Florida; they are also kept as pets.




News credit : Indiatoday

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