donald trump
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Trump resigns, worldwide celebrations: Fake Washington Post edition takes US by storm

The front page had a banner headline saying: ‘UNPRESIDENTED. Trump hastily departs White House, ending crisis’. Another report on the page said people across world are celebrating Trump’s resignation. HIGHLIGHTS The paper was distributed free of cost in Washington DC It was a mark of protest against the Trump administration News of the fake newspaper […]

radio waves from deep space
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‘Repeating’ Radio Waves From Deep Space Baffle Scientists

Astronomers in Canada have detected a mysterious volley of radio waves from far outside our galaxy, according to two studies published Wednesday in Nature.  What corner of the universe these powerful waves come from and the forces that produced them remain unknown.  The so-called repeating fast radio bursts were identified during the trial run last summer of […]

gita gopinath
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Mysore-Born Gita Gopinath Joins IMF As First Woman Chief Economist

Gita Gopinath joined last week at a time, when she believes the world is experiencing a retreat from globalisation, posing challenges to multilateral institutions. WASHINGTON:  Mysore-born Gita Gopinath has joined International Monetary Fund as its chief economist, becoming the first woman to occupy the top IMF post. Ms Gopinath’s joined last week at a time, […]