Medieval India
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Medieval India: Bhaktism, Sufism and Sikhism (NCERT)

We have already posted about the major kingdoms and tribals societies in Medieval India. In this post let’s see in detail the devotional paths followed by people during the medieval period – Bhakitsm, Sufism, and Sikhism. Brahminism vs Buddhism/Jainism vs Devotional Paths (Bhakitsm, Sufism, and Sikhism) Brahminism based on caste-system was prominent during the Medieval period. But there was opposition […]

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Medieval India: Delhi Sultanate (NCERT)

Well, Indian History continues 🙂 In this article on Medieval India, we plan to cover the Delhi Sultanate. The reference material for this post is NCERT History text for Class 7 (Our past -1). Only main points from the chapters are compiled below. These points might come quite handy during preparation of Prelims and Mains, to get a quick […]