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Geography Student Corner

Ocean Floor: Everything you need to know

Geography is an interesting subject which covers land (lithosphere), water (hydrosphere) and air (atmosphere). Hope you have gone through our easy-to-learn notes covering important land features. Now let’s see how to learn fast the concepts associated with hydrosphere. Let’s start from ocean floor first. Earth – the water planet We know that our earth is the only […]

Geography Student Corner

Major Landforms – Mountains, Plateaus, and Plains: Learn faster

Forces inside and outside the earth can change the shape of earth’s surface.  We have already seen the effects of geomorphic forces in our previous Geography notes. Endogenic forces and exogenic forces can create a lot of landforms. A landform is a natural feature of the solid surface of the Earth. Examples include Mountains, Plateaus, and Plains. In this post, ClearIAS […]