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You Can Now Buy An iPhone 7 On 95% Discount

You’ve probably noticed a new phenomenon spreading like wildfire across Europe, North America and India: auction sites selling warehouse clearouts & overstocked products for huge discounts. you can also get 95% Discount on iPhone 7

In blogs all over the net, you can read the stories of happy winners who won fabulous, very expensive items – usually for a fraction of their normal price. We weren’t 100% sure that these amazing deals were real, so we decided to test them out. And what better reason to ensure that the test worked, by buying something that we really wanted.Nimesh bought his brand new iPhone 7 for $81.48

Nimesh wanted to buy a new iPhone 7, so he decided to put the sites to the test.

He started doing a ton of research on the subject to determine which of these sites was the most reliable, and therefore more suitable for the test. After hours of research, he came to the conclusion that, because of its wide range of products and excellent reputation – MadBid was the site for testing.

To use these sites, you buy credits to bid against other users in online auctions. Then if you win – you enjoy a MASSIVE discount on the price of the item.

At MadBid they were so confident about the concept that they’re offering a limited-time promotion for new customers. For your first credit purchase – they’ll double it. That’s right, you get double the credits for your first purchase. Ideal for a first time buyer, and it allows you to have the credits needed to test the site in detail.

What can you buy at auction?

MadBid has everything from cars to phones to computers, laptops, TVs, cameras, stereo equipment and pretty much everything you could look for.

Madbid passes the test!

After a simple registration, Nimesh received his free credits from MadBid. If you’re not too sure how the site worked, it will all become clear once you create your account.

Nimesh started with a bid on the item he had been interested in for so long… a brand, spanking new iPhone 7. After a relatively short auction, he won!

For only $81.48 in total Nimesh got an iPhone 7 worth $749!

To make sure it was no fluke, after some time Nimesh decided to try and win something else. He was able to win again! The savings were again startling. In the end, Nimesh paid only $92.80 for an iPad mini 4 worth $599. Very impressive! There’s no way that you can find savings like this anywhere else!

Delivery – Having won and paid for the items, Nimesh received them a few days later. He said “it was just awesome, from start to finish”.

Detailed instructions for MadBid

Now that you’re set on trying to get your own savings on MadBid – you’re probably wondering exactly how the site works. Here’s a detailed guide to help you get started. (If it looks short, it’s because it’s so simple!)

Step 1:

Create an account on MadBid and get your free credits. Click this exclusive link to get a discount:

(expires Friday, 18 August 2017)

Step 2:

Look for an auction that you are interested in and start bidding.

Step 3:

If you win an auction, you’ll be redirected to the payment page where you proudly buy your item at a massive discount!

Step 4:

If you don’t win the auction you will get the money used whilst bidding back, which can be use towards purchasing any product on the site.


In the end, Nimesh told us that he had an extremely positive experience with MadBid. Savings up to 80% on the normal retail price had long seemed impossible, but now he knows there’s a way!

Don’t miss out on your chance to grab the latest products and jaw dropping prices. You’re only a few clicks away!

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