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BJP releases Rafale Deal for Dummies video starring Antakshari’s Pallavi Joshi

Pallavi Joshi, best remembered for hosting Antakshari, is back with another video explainer to help the government out of a tight spot.

The Bharatiya Janata Party, which has been facing an unceasing assault from the Opposition over the Rafale deal, today released a ‘Rafale Deal for Dummies’ video.

In it, the party strikes back at allegations that the government is hiding details of the deal in order to protect vested interests.

The video features a monologue by Pallavi Joshi, who tries to explain the Rafale deal with the example of a housing society secretary looking to sign with a French company in order to upgrade the society building’s security lock system.

Joshi says she is the current secretary of her housing society and found out that her predecessor had spent ten years in talks with a French company for a deal for a plain-Jane lock system.

What, Joshi asks, is the point if the locks do not come with accessories and the promise of maintenance and upgrades?

She says she spoke to the French company’s boss and negotiated a fresh deal for locks that also included other benefits as well as a promise that some of the locks would be made in India.

The entire deal was cheaper than what the previous secretary had negotiated, Joshi says. “And, that is the Rafale deal.”

India saved Rs 12.5 thousand crore under the Rafale deal signed by the Narendra Modi government, Joshi says, suddenly dispensing with her housing society example.

This is not the first time Pallavi Joshi has appeared in a video that defends the Modi government’s policies. She was previously seen in a similar ‘Goods and Services Tax made simple’ video.



News credit : Indiatoday

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