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Biplab Deb announces he will rear cows in his backyard to inspire others

Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb has announced that he and his family would rear cows at his official residence and drink their milk in order to set an example.

“I will start the domestication of cows at the Chief Minister’s residence along with my family and will consume the milk. This will also inspire people of Tripura to do the same and will help fight malnutrition,” Deb said on Sunday, adding to the list of his outlandish remarks on the nation and its policies.

Since his induction to power in March this year, Deb has managed to stay in the headlines with statements like ‘the internet and satellites are not new to India but existed since the age of the Mahabharata’.

This time, he was addressing questions regarding his new scheme in which the government is supposed to distribute cows among families to give them a new mode of income.

The chief minister said the state government would distribute cows among 5,000 families, emphasising great returns from rearing cows.

“We are about to launch a scheme for distributing cows among 5,000 families. I am not against setting big industries but in that one has to invest Rs 10,000 crores for employing 2,000 people. But if I give 10,000 cows to 5,000 families they will start earning in six months,” he quipped.

The only other political leader, who has been famous for rearing cows in his backyard is Lalu Prasad, the former chief minister of Bihar.

The other time Deb made headlines was when he advised the youth of Tripura to milk cows and run paan stalls to earn money instead of wasting their time.



News credit : Indiatoday

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