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Bigg Boss 12: Sreesanth tries to slap Rohit, wife Bhuvneshwari wishes it was for real

Bigg Boss 12 has become a big battlefield where everyone is trying all means to get their opponents out of the game. Rohit Suchanti who was hardly seen during his initial weeks has become the talk of the town. Be it stealing of ration, irritating Jasleen or taking pangas with Sreesanth, his name is everywhere. Last night, BB 12 ended with a precap, which showed Rohit and Sreesanth getting into an argument.

In the clip, Sreesanth tries to hit Rohit but he ducks, which means he did not get hurt. However, Sreesanth’s wife Bhuvneshwari Kumari wanted the slap to be real. She took to Twitter to express herself and wrote, “That slap on promo, I wish it was for real.”

Not just Rohit, Bhuvneshwari also wants Surbhi to be slapped. Recently, host Salman Khan reprimanded Sreesanth for using derogatory statement against Surbhi. Post which, things have become uglier between the two. However, Bhuvneshwari accused her of playing the woman card. She tweeted, “Woman card. Can someone pls slap her.”

Bigg Boss 3 winner Vindu Dara Singh, criticised Sreesanth’s behaviour. Although he had his doubts if Sreesanth really hit Rohit. He wrote, “Promos are deceptive and should not be commented upon. But if that slap by Sreeshanth has connected than he is in deep trouble. Such behaviour is also considered as “aggressive” – unless of course if BB has changed the definition of “aggression” #BB12.”

Here’s clip of Sreesanth trying to hit Rohit.


News credit : Indiatoday

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