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Best Investment Bets For 2019

As we usher in 2019, it is time to reflect on returns for 2018 and best investment options for 2019. Shares have ended the year with modest gains on the benchmark indices, but, have given sharply negative returns in the midcap and small-cap space.

Overall, it has been a year of negative returns for stockholders, if you are looking at a significant portion of the listed space.

Debt has given decent returns of 7 to 8 percent, pre-tax, while gold is also up modestly this year. Looking ahead here are some smart investment strategies for debt, equity and gold investors in 2019. Mahindra Finance Fixed deposits If you are looking at debt, this is the best place to park your money. The Mahindra Bank FDs offer you an interest rate of as high as 9 per cent. Under the Mahindra Finance Dhanvruddhi Scheme, you get an interest rate of 9 percent for 33 per cent and 40 months. These Fixed Deposit interest rates are for online investors through the Mahindra Finance website. What is interesting is that you can lock your money for more than 3 years and not be worried about falling interest rates. The yield on the 33 month deposit is as high as 10.01 per cent. The deposits are safe and are rated ‘FAAA’ by Crisil. Probably this is one of the best interest rates around, when compared to FDs of other NBFCs and banks. You can also opt for the 27-month deposit, which offers you an interest rate of around 8.60 per cent. Mahindra group employees are entitled to an extra 0.35 per cent. Shares of Jammu and Kashmir Bank If you are an investor, who likes stocks, then J&K Bank could be a good long-term bet. The shares of J&K Bank has dived from 52-week high levels of Rs 82, to the current levels of Rs 37. In fact, the shares are very close to their 52-week low of Rs 35. There are a number of reasons to be buying the shares. First is the gradually improving profitability levels. J&K Bank, reported a 44% increase in its net profit to Rs 146.34 crores for the half year ended September 30, 2018. The Bank had posted a net profit of Rs 101 crores during the first half of previous fiscal.   What is most interesting is that we are also seeing a gradual decline in non-performing assets. Gross and Net NPA’s as percentages to Gross and Net Advances as on Sep, 2018 stood at 9.00% and 3.91% respectively compared to 10.87% and 4.76% as on Sep, 2017. The shares of the bank are available at a p/e of just 8-9 times one year forward earnings, which makes it an interesting pick for the long term. Shares of Yes Bank Yes Bank shares have dived due to numerous issues in the last few months. The biggest has been the worry over who would replace Rana Kapoor as the Managing Director of the company with effect from Jan 31, 2019. The other reason is worries over the disclosure of non-performing assets of the bank. However, there are not too many reasons to worry. The bank remains the fourth largest private sector bank in the country. Its non-performing assets are pretty decent and compare well with peers. What’s most interesting is that the stock price has halved, which has made valuations very interesting. In fact, the stock is now trading at 1.6 times, one yearbook, which is way below its historical average. Apart from this, the shares are also trading at a p/e of just under 9 times, one year forward earnings, which makes the shares a good pick.

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