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Art galleries, cultural centers to set up in Uttarakhand to revive ‘Pahari’ culture

The Uttarakhand government has initiated a slew of schemes under which all forms of cultural infrastructures – virtual reality museums, cultural centers and art galleries will be opened in Uttarakhand.

The motive behind these initiative is to revive the art forms in Uttarakhand that are slowly fading into the obscurity due to lack of preservation. Some of the schemes is aimed to support folk artists which will allow them to earn respectable livelihood by pursing their traditional arts and craft.

In addition to that, a scholarship scheme will also be offered to the students for pursuing their studies in traditional arts. These cultural infrastructures will not only help revive the Pahadi culture but will also act as showcase Uttarakhand’s multi-hued Pahadi culture. Under the project, number of art galleries, virtual museums, light and sound shows and cultural centers would be set up in the state.

A massive state cultural centre has been planed in the capital city Dehradun. With a seating capacity of 1,000 people the cultural centre would house six art galleries, a library, a museum, an amphitheater and a place for symposiums and seminars.

A virtual reality museum against the backdrop of Tehri lake is also on the agenda of cultural department which will include state-of-the-art jet laser projection sound and light show on water curtains. Plans are also being discussed to set up a museum at fort of Pithoragarh which was built by Chand dynasty rulers in 1791.





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