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Animal Death Count Rises To 346 As Water Level Drops In Kaziranga

237 animals, including 15 rhinos, one Royal Bengal tiger and four elephants have been killed in the second wave of floods in Kaziranga.

The two waves of floods that hit KNP since last month have claimed a total of 346 animal lives, with the death toll in the second wave increasing to 239 on Sunday.

Water level dropped by 13 cm on Sunday but 22% of the park’s area is still under water. A total of 39 out of 178 anti-poaching camps remain under water. Many animals, including an estimated 20 rhinos, are currently seeking shelter on the highlands in adjoining Karbi Anglong district.

KNP officials said the second wave of the deluge arrived with a gush, inundating large swathes of the park within eight hours, as a result giving no time to animals to escape to higher ground. “In case of the first wave, water level increased gradually. But this was not the case for the second wave. Animals hardly got time to escape and that is why the casualty figure is high in the second wave, and is likely to increase as flood levels recede further in coming days,” a KNP official said.

According to this year’s latest flood report, 237 animals, including 15 rhinos, one Royal Bengal tiger and four elephants have been killed due to drowning in the second wave of floods that hit on August 10. Two animals succumbed to injuries. Hog deer has the highest casualty of 196, followed by 12 sambar. Four wild boars, two each swamp deer and wild buffaloes and one porcupine also died of drowning when 87% of Kaziranga was submerged during peak floods.

Kaziranga National Park officials said that they are assessing the extent of damage to the park’s infrastructure in the second wave. In the first wave, Kaziranga suffered infrastructure damage worth Rs 7.35 crore last month.
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