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Andhra’s TDP stabbed NTR in the back, says PM Modi

NTR, or NT Rama Rao, was the founder of the Telugu Desam Party. Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said “those in power” in Andhra Pradesh — meaning the TDP led by Chandrababu Naidu — had stabbed NTR in the back.


  • NTR never forgave Congress for hurting Telugu pride: PM
  • NTR was the true icon of Telugu pride: PM
  • TDP, Congress joined forces in 2018 Telangana state election

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday told BJP booth workers in Andhra Pradesh that Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu’s Telugu Desam Party (TDP) had stabbed its founder NT Rama Rao in the back.

Rao — simply known as NTR — was an icon of Telugu pride, and never forgave the Congress for “hurting Telugu pride and its betrayal of Telugu interests,” Modi said.

The TDP and the Congress — its former rival — were part of a “mahakutami” alliance in the recent Telangana assembly election. They fared poorly.

Today, Prime Minister Modi said “those in power” in Andhra Pradesh — meaning the TDP — were “so desperate” that they had stabbed NTR in the back.

In November, Naidu met Congress president Rahul Gandhi in Delhi and said their parties were coming together. “We have to defend the democracy of this country, the institutions and the future of this country. We will talk about the present and look into the future, we will not talk about the past,” Rahul Gandhi said.

News Credit: India Today

Chandrababu Naidu said there was a “democratic compulsion” to unite.

“All [the] opposition needs to be one,” he said.

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