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Anant Kumar Hedge says 2019 face-off is ‘tiger versus monkeys and donkeys’

For Union Minister Anant Kumar Hedge, next year’s general election will be a battle between a “tiger” on one hand, and “donkeys and monkeys” on the other.

No prizes for guessing whom Hegde’s calling a “tiger”. The Lok Sabha elections will be a referendum on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s five-year term.

But will the BJP’s victory be as emphatic as it was in 2014? There have been signs of increasing Opposition unity, and the BJP’s performance in recent Lok Sabha by-elections in Uttar Pradesh — which has the highest number of parliamentary constituencies in India — has been abysmal.

“Our opponents have all come together,” Hegde said last week at a public rally in Karwar. “Crows, monkeys, foxes and others have all come together.”

“On one side, we have a tiger standing. On the other there are monkeys and donkeys,” he said. “In 2019, you decide who should win: a tiger, or donkeys and monkeys.”

Hegde’s remarks are reminiscent of comments made by his party’s president, Amit Shah, in Mumbai in April.

“There is a campaign that all Opposition should unite,” Shah said. “Whenever there is a massive flood, all snakes, mongooses, cats, dogs and even cheetahs and lions, climb up a huge tree as they fear the rising water levels.”

For Derek O’Brien, a Trinamool Congress MP, the language was “sickening.”




News credit : Indiatoday

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