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Amid protests by Congress, museum for all Indian PMs to be set up in Teen Murti Bhavan

Another fight over legacy is brewing as the Congress is against the construction of museums for all former prime ministers at the sprawling Teen Murti Bhavan complex, the official residence of former PM Jawahar Lal Nehru.

The Nehru Memorial Museum and Library (NMML) was set up in the memory of Jawahar Lal Nehru who served the country for 17 years as the prime minister.

The NMML’s 43 rd Annual General meeting on Thursday, chaired by Home Minister Rajnath Singh, witnessed a protest by Congress leader Malikarjuna Kharge who said the proposal was an attempt to dilute the legacy of Nehru.

“The Congress is opposed to the idea of any other memorial at Teen murti. It is yet another attempt to dilute the legacy of the first PM of the country. We have said in meeting that the new memorial can be made anywhere in Delhi except the Nehru Memorial,” said Kharge.

It took a lot of tact by Rajnath Singh to quell the agitated Congress leaders. He assured the council, “The question of diluting the legacy of Nehru does not arise at all and it’s not in anyone’s hand as the contribution of Nehru, who was India’s first PM, is unparalleled in history.”

However, director of NMML clarified the “Nehru Memorial building that houses legacy of Nehru and is spread across half an acre would be untouched. There will be a separate building at the Nehru Memorial Complex for former PMs of India”.

The NMML complex is spread across 25 acres and a total of 280 crores have been sanctioned for the new project. The new memorial will document the contributions of India’s prime ministers.

Sources said that the government feels having a museum on prime ministers would be of great service to the nation and serves as a history lesson for our future generations.

However, with Congress leaders Jairam Ramesh, Kharge red-flagging the proposal, it is almost certain that political slugfest on the issue wil break out soon.




News credit : Indiantoday

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