Accused of Burglaries

Accused Arrested Who Were Involoved In Burglaries In Vasant Kunj

The Delhi Police has arrested a ‘super burglar’, along with his two accomplices who were involved in several high-profile burglaries in Vasant Kunj area.

The accused identified as Siddharth Mehrotra, possessed a Chevrolet Cruze car, jewelry, electronic gadgets, and foreign currencies. The gang targeted houses belonging to politicians, bureaucrats and senior government officials.

After selecting his target, Mehrotra conducted a reccee of the entire vicinity. During one of his reccees, Mehrotra somehow came to know that there’s no intercom connection between the security guards and resident’s home in Vasanj Kunj, and also there is no checking of vehicles entering the blocks.

Mehrotra adopted a unique modus operandi while conducting his burglaries. He rang the door bell of his target, and if someone came out to answer the door, he pretended that he was there by mistake. Mehrotra ensured that there were no occupants in the house at the given time so that he and his friends could rob at will.

During investigation, the CCTV footage of the area were examined and local sources were used to get clues about the culprits. Criminal records and dossiers of previously arrested burglars were also checked. A Google search gave information of Mehrotra, who was previously arrested by Noida Police in 2015.

The police team kept a track of Mehrotra’s movement. During further investigation, the police team got the Facebook profile of the accused and his latest photographs.

On August 15, after continuous efforts of the police for several days bore fruits. Mehrotra was located in Pitampura area. The police team laid a trap and arrested Mehrotra.

During interrogation, the accused Siddharth Mehrotra confessed to his involvement in a series of burglaries along with his other associates. Mehrotra disclosed that they disposed stolen property to one Jitender.

Mehrotra’s co-accused Anurag Singh was also arrested and a Chevrolet Cruze car used in crime, 11 stolen gold chains, 4 rings, 8 pair ear rings, 2 gold bangles, 200 US Dollars, 1 lakh Indonesian Rupiah, 20 Nepali Rupees, one LED TV, Sony Play Station, VR Player, one laptop and a Tissot Watch were recovered.

Further interrogation of the accused revealed that they lived a lavish life, and spent money on high-end gadgets. Mehrotra belongs to a well-to-do family. He brought a Chevrolet Cruze car from the money he earned after disposing off the stolen goods.

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