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5 Lipstick Shades Every Brown Girl Needs Right Now

Brown girls, these striking lip shades will look fabulous on you!

If you’re a brown girl with warm, caramel undertones and olive to dusky skin, it isn’t as easy as simply picking a lipstick from a makeup counter. Sometimes their undertones don’t work well with your skin and other times, they end up looking ashy. You know what doesn’t fail? These lipstick shades. They are bold, sassy and look fantastic on brown girls with dusky, dark skin.

1. Brown Lips


1. Brown Lips

Want to add a neutral touch to your makeup look without going overboard? Then brown lipstick is your answer. It acts almost as a nude lipstick for brown skinned girls and looks fine as ever with any ensemble.

2. Green Lips

Yes, green lips do exist and no, you won’t end up looking like Poison Ivy with it. As seen above, the cool undertones of green lipstick lend a beautiful contrast to warm, bronzy skin. Plus, they’re fierce as hell – what more reason do you need!

3. Maroon Lips

Got a wedding or family function coming up for which you need a lipstick that’s appealing without being startling? Make maroon lipstick your companion. It works like magic with gold jewellery and lends a rich hue to brown skin.

4. Orange Lips

Brown girls get conscious when it comes to trying on bright shades like orange lipstick. That’s where they are go wrong. The warm on warm undertones when reddish orange lipstick meets olive skin is fiery and gorgeous. Trust in this and you won’t regret it.

5. Blue Lips

Admittedly, it’s a striking shade but that doesn’t means it won’t look good. A jewel toned cobalt looks fierce and nothing like a brown girl version of Elsa from Frozen. If you think you’ve got it, flaunt a blue pout and there’ll be no looking back.

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